C1 Recon on Manns Creek

This is my first time down Manns Creek in WV.  We are getting on the water at 4 pm and trying to beat the sun.  Because we were in such a hurry, I was unable to get out and scout any of the rapids.  Luckily, Shane Groves is a very good guide for this river, and I just followed right behind him.  I think that this might just be my new favorite run.  It was a lot of fun.

2013 Talullah Teaser

2013 Tallulah Teaser C-1 Helmet GoPro 3+. I was testing out the Superview setting, but it makes everything look way smaller. Basically it films in 4:3 and squishes it to 16:9, so you can see more, but it makes the drop look a lot smaller.

Stay tuned for more Tallulah footage.

C-1 Final at U.S. Freestyle Team Trials

The last day of U.S. Freestyle Team Trials started with a phone call at 9:15 am.  At this time I was still in bed because the C-1 Final was not actually scheduled to go until 4 pm.  Well, the phone call was from my friend and competitor, Jordan.  He told me that because of the rising water level, they are trying to get the competition done as soon as possible.  This way the water level does not rise too high and wash out the hole.  He also told me that I would be competing in about one hour.  So I quickly jumped out of bed, grabbed a granola bar for breakfast, and jumped in the car to drive down to the NOC. Continue reading