A Tad Bit of the West 4

The Forth video in the Tad Bit of the West series. In this video I do a practice race run on Fish Creek in Steamboat Springs, CO. I had a better run where I was right behind Jordan, but the GoPro must have been bumped. So I just got one picture instead. Oops.

C1 Recon on Manns Creek

This is my first time down Manns Creek in WV.  We are getting on the water at 4 pm and trying to beat the sun.  Because we were in such a hurry, I was unable to get out and scout any of the rapids.  Luckily, Shane Groves is a very good guide for this river, and I just followed right behind him.  I think that this might just be my new favorite run.  It was a lot of fun.

2013 Talullah Teaser

2013 Tallulah Teaser C-1 Helmet GoPro 3+. I was testing out the Superview setting, but it makes everything look way smaller. Basically it films in 4:3 and squishes it to 16:9, so you can see more, but it makes the drop look a lot smaller.

Stay tuned for more Tallulah footage.