Canoeing for Beginners

Canoeing is definitely a really interesting activity because you can enjoy the nature, the water, and the scenery and at the same time, you can also take it as a kind of sport. But, for the beginners, canoeing should not be considered as a really simple activity to do because there’s still some dangerous potential. You can find the tips to deal with canoeing for beginners.

  1. Learn from the Pros

No matter how simple canoeing may seem, it’s always a good idea to learn from the pros first before you really get into the canoe and start paddling. Canoeing may seem like a really safe activity because you basically just paddling in a little boat. But, we never know what happens when we’re doing that. And without any proper skills, canoeing can be rather dangerous. That’s why once again, it’s nice to learn from the pros. If it’s possible, get a lesson and then start getting used to canoeing before you really do it for real.

 canoeing class

  1. Dress up Properly

This tip is often forgotten by many people including those who are already familiar with canoeing. They usually dress up for the weather instead of for the water. It’s possible for the weather to be really clear and sunny. Such weather definitely temps you to wear short clothes. But, it’s possible that the water is cold. Even though you don’t intend to get into the water but with such cold water, it’s possible for you to catch a cold if you don’t dress up properly. That’s why it’s totally a good thing to always wear something warm.

 what to wear - canoeing

  1. Get the Proper Boat

Yes, it’s really important because the boat is the only thing that separates you from the water. The boat can also be said as the only thing to determine your safety. That’s why it’s vital to choose the proper boat. Make sure you do a thorough check before you really get into the water with the boat. Make it certain the boat isn’t leaking. Check also if the condition is still good. If you are not sure about the quality and the condition of your boat, ask the more experienced canoers or simply change the boat.


  1. Always Carry Buoyancy Around

This is really vital for the beginners because the chance for you to get into the water is bigger than the people who have already been so experienced with canoeing. Without carrying any buoyancy around, it’s going to be quite dangerous for you. Even though you are good at swimming, the stream of the water may make things become lethal once you get into the water. That’s why it’s highly recommended for you to carry buoyancy around or even better, wear the buoyancy with you. That way whenever you get into the water, you won’t be drowned.

 canoe - buoyancy

  1. Learn to Sit Properly

For your information, if you have already sit properly in your boat, it’s going to deal with half of the safety and comfort when you’re canoeing. That’s why it’s a really important thing for you to really know how to sit properly in the boat. How to do it? Well, it seems quite hard to describe the right way to do it here. It’s going to be so good if you take the lesson like the tip mentioned before because the sitting position should already be included in the lesson.


  1. Always Carry Extra Clothes

Again, although you don’t intend to get into the water, you never know what’s going to happen whenever you are really canoeing. It’s very possible for you to encounter an unexpected stream which makes your boat capsized and thus, you will need to get wet. Therefore, it’s always a good thing for you to carry extra clothes so you will not get cold. Once again, you need to remember that canoeing should be a kind of activity that makes you happy. If you get sick after doing it, then, it’s not happy anymore, right? Prevention is always a nice thing to do and thus, you should do it.


  1. Learn How to Save Yourself

We don’t want bad things to happen to ourselves whenever we are canoeing. However, whenever the bad things really happen, you really need to know what to do. You need to stay calm instead of getting panic attack. You need to know how to save yourself. Even though you are canoeing with the other people, don’t expect them to help you that much whenever bad things happen because it’s possible that those people may be quite far away from you. If you are not able to save yourself, it’s possible for those people to come late to get and help you. Learning how to get out of the capsized boat and then learn how to swim to the surface properly will really help a lot.

 avoid canoeing alone

  1. Avoid Canoeing Alone

The last tip is to avoid canoeing alone so it’s going to be safer for you. This is to prevent if something bad happens to you or to the other people. Whenever such condition really does happen, you know that there’s always someone to rely on although it’s still a good thing if you know what to do to save your own self. Not to mention, don’t you think it’s going to be merrier if there’s more people to canoe with?